All large canvases are available as limited edition prints in custom sizes at a maximum of 40" in the longest dimension. For a list of currently available prints, please visit the Print Gallery. Please contact the artist if you wish to purchase an open edition print in a custom size.

Prints are also available in open editions in size 11x14 (image size 8x10") or 16x20" (image size 11x14".)

No limited edition will ever exceed 150 prints, although there may be up to as many as 3 artists's proofs in any edition.

Unique prints and commissioned works do not have editions. No additional copies are made in the original size. However, the artist may create an edition of a commissioned work in a smaller size and on different media. They are always stipulated as "reproduction."

Copyrights remain with the artist. All legitimate prints in an edition are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and notarized.

Open edition prints come in two finished sizes:11x14" and 16x20" All prints come ready for framing with acid-free backing and matting.

11x14" prints = $50 USD

16x20" prints = $75 USD

Shipping charges are determined by the carrier and are quoted based on size and weight of the painting, as well as the destination. if you prefer a paritcular carrier, we will be happy to accommodate. Or, you may arrange your own shipping. However, if you arrange your own shipping, we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

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