I am a portrait artist, but instead of paintning individuals, I paint abstract portraits of the earth, and figurative portraits of the human condition. I attempt to depict the full range of human potential and emotion. My figurative pieces contain beings that are universal, without any embellishment or accoutrements to individuate them; a man, a woman, a child...They are potentially anyone and in some cases everyone. They exist in a pure state of nature, with no indicators to fix them in a particular time or place.

My work has been described as "powerful," "dramatic" and "passionate." But while the paintings are elemental and organic and are intended to elicit an emotional response, they are also meant to offer an intellectual exercise. The titles are directional clues only, not definitive statements; I respect the viewers' wealth of experience, and what you bring to the paintings gives them richer life and meaning. Although my subject matter is not always the happiest, my intention behind the paintings is always to highlight the very best we're capable of, even in the face of the worst we may experience and endure.

My roots are in traditional mediums, and their influence is certainly evident, as you would expect; my past skills are the building blocks on which my style depends and from which it evolved, But I’m fascinated by and embrace new technologies. I do all my work on a computer with virtual tools; I apply color with digital "brushes." I combine that with computer effects to broaden the visual and emotional range.

The computer allows me to combine the old with the new in my technology-driven world. However, because my paintings are intended for output to paper or canvas in their actual size, that is the only way to properly view them and truly appreciate them.

Contemporary Digital Art