Ms. Cohen works exclusively on the computer. Her works, though you may view them on your monitor, have been created specifically to be printed; the computer can only approximate how they look on paper or canvas. While all care has been taken to reproduce them accurately for viewing, it is still a poor substitute for the richness of the colors and the complexity of technique seen in the printed pieces.

Ms. Cohen "builds" her paintings using numerous transparent and opaque layers of semi random color shapes; she juxtaposes soft and hard edges, combines layers of varying resolutions, includiing her drawn and/or illustrated figures superimposed upon photographic elements, and balances her palette wtih both subtle and bold colors. The results are powerful and frequently elemental illusions of motion, texture and dimension that speak directly to the soul.

While she does not use the computer to mimic traditional media, her background in pastels, watercolors, airbrush, inks, oils and acrylics is obvious. She claims to be still adding to her skill set, and her pieces reflect her artistic history and vision. They are "the culmination of all I have learned and worked so hard to master, mixed with computer tools and effects that add greater dynamic and emotional range," all of which make her work truly unique.

To protect the provenance and consistency of the work, Ms. Cohen does all her own printing. All the works are museum quality giclees on 100% rag content watercolor paper or premium archival cotton canvas. All are printed with archival pigment inks.

Contemporary Digital Art